Do The Menstrual Cups Cause Endometriosis?

In the Food & Drug Administration's Reply to the
APT/ERC* Petition on the Menstrual Cups
the FDA noted the reasonableness of concern about an increased risk of Endometriosis among Cup users, but they concluded they were unable to act on the Petition, because clinical data demonstrating a link between the use of the Menstrual Cups and Endometriosis was not available:

The FDA did not explain their failure to require manufacturers to warn Cup users about this risk of Endometriosis.

If no action is taken on this labeling deficiency in the near future, additional efforts will be taken to assure that a warning about the increased risk of Endometriosis be added to all Cup labels.

To read the APT/ERC* Apr. 2003
Petition on the Menstrual Cups,
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To read the FDA's
Reply to the Menstrual Cup Petition,
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*The Endometriosis Research Center (ERC) (
co-sponsored the Cup Petition.

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